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Cruises and boat shuttle services


Step aboard one of our traditional boats or passenger cruisers and discover the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan (Ile d’Arz [Arz Island] and Ile aux Moines [Monks’ Island]), or even the islands in the Atlantic Ocean (Belle Ile en Mer, Houat and Hoëdec). 

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Les Vedettes Jaunes

56190 ARZAL

Discover the wild banks of the Vilaine from La Roche-Bernard or Arzal dam. Sightseeing cruise, cruise restaurant with traditional dishes fully prepared on board by our chef.

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Compagnie du Golfe

56000 VANNES

Share the exceptional! Discovering one of the most beautiful bays in the world ... The Gulf of Morbihan account according to legend as many islands as there are days in the year. To help you discover these exceptional landscapes, the Company offers the Gulf, from April to September, the boat tours f...

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The company Boat Bus Gulf provides Valves Link / Arz Island all year (between 12 and 16 crossings each day). In addition to this entrusted by the General Council of Morbihan link: Discover our tourist boat tours in the Gulf of Morbihan with or without a stop at Ile d'Arz and Ile aux Moines. New 2014...

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Historical company in Morbihan, NAVIX - COMPANY ISLANDS offers 10 departures from ports in southern Britain to explore the Gulf of Morbihan, the Ria of Etel and offshore islands: Belle-Île en mer, Houat , and Hoëdic Croix. Not to mention the boat restaurant offering lunch or dinner cruises to experi...

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Le Passeur de Pen à Pen


Perform a hike on the GR34 or stroll to bike? It's easy with couriers Rhuys Peninsula! Seasonal crossing Pencadénic / Pénerf is provided by the Ferryman Pen Pen. This passenger vessel can accommodate up to 12 people (with bikes) and runs from late April to September 2014 (days and hours available on...

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Compagnie Océane

Compagnie Océane-Morbihan-Bretagne-Sud

All maritime links to the year the islands of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Houat and Hoëdic from Quiberon to the Ile de Croix from Lorient.

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Vedettes l'Angélus

Vedettes L'Angelus

BOARD OF POPULAR L'ANGELUS. From Port Navalo - Arzon (rue du Général de Gaulle). From April to September every day. Low season: contact us. Circuits commented: discover the Gulf of Morbihan, Auray river, the Ile aux Moines. Quick links to the island of Houat in July and August.

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Croisière-Anne-Caseneuve-vannes-morbihan-bretagne sud

"BROWSE ANNE CASENEUVE". DAY SAILING ON THE ISLAND OF CATAMARAN HOUAT 18m: Alone, with family, friends, fun day! Anne Caseneuve, renowned skipper *, a native of the island Moines takes you on an exceptional day on a large catamaran of 18m with 3:30 off the island of Houat. Program: all the pleasures...

from 30 €

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Le Passeur des Iles

56640 ARZON

Shuttles and regular flights to Port Navalo Locmariaquer Gavrinis, the Ile d'Arz, the Ile aux Moines. Kerners regular shuttles to Ile aux Moines. Cruises from Port Navalo: River Auray, Vannes market. New 2014 Cruise oyster from an oyster farmer with Port Navalo with site visit or tasting oysters or ...

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Krog-e-Barz-arzon-Groix-Lorient-Morbihan-Bretagne sud

Embark send the sails, steer, let drag a line or just enjoying an exception on the lobster Krog e Barz time sailing heritage of 22 meters. A Pier PORT-NAVALO (arzon 56): Day Trips: Departs daily at 8:40 from September 1 to 30: Houat destination or Hoëdic landing with about 3 hours on the island. Bri...

from 25 €

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