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Cairn du Petit Mont

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Opening times:
From 01/04/2014 to 30/09/2014

The cairn of Little Mount is a Neolithic tomb.

Located at the tip of the peninsula Rhuys, oceanfront, overlooking the bay of Quiberon and the Golfe du Morbihan on a rocky point.

The cairn is a stone construction covering today, two passage dolmens, which were tombs from 4500 to 2000 BC A dolmen was destroyed during World War II by building a bunker.

The architecture is megalithic dolmens, walls, floors and ceilings are composed of huge blocks of granite on which men have engraved signs, still visible today.

This monument is a witness of agro-pastoralists, who have lived in this area for the last thousand years of prehistory.

It is part of a prestigious group of megalithic sites in Britain, as Gavrinis Table of Merchant or the alignments of Carnac and Monteneuf and many others.


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