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Cairn du Petit Mont

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Opening times:
From 07/02/2015 to 08/03/2015
From 01/04/2015 to 01/11/2015

The Cairn du Petit Mont occupies a privileged position.

From the summit cairn, the eye embraces the Quiberon Bay, offshore islands and almost all the megalithic Morbihan.

A monumental architectural style.

The peninsula Rhuys the river Etel, Morbihan has a unique set of megaliths in Europe.

The archaeological site of Petit Mont is among the three most prestigious cairns in the region with the dolmen Gavrinis Island in Larmor Baden and Table des Marchands in Locmariaquer.

Only the construction of the Petit Mont cairn was spread over several millennia, from 5000 to 2500 years BC.

On a rock, 35 meters above sea level, the vast mass of dry stone cairn 60 meters long monument protects a complex originally consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 Funeral remain today.

Megalith builders.

The monument became county property since October 1990 enriches our knowledge of the civilization of the megaliths builders.

These men lived in organized communities prioritized.

They built large collective cultural architectural achievements.

The small cairn Mont huge architecture of dry stone masonry, is a major site of the Armorican megalithic art.

It contains much of the usual symbolic register of megalithic art axes, cups, signs zigzag, serpentine and phallic shapes etc.

Farmers farmers, they also manufactured ceramics, sewed hard polished stone tools, practiced weaving and basketry.

3 in 1 cairns.

Different episodes in the history of Petit Mont have succeeded.

Around 4500 BC, the first cairn is built on a mound from the early fifth millennium.

Around 4000/3500 BC, a second cairn bears against the southern flank of the former.

It is of trapezoidal shape and double the volume of the first substantially.

This second cairn covers a passage grave and single.

Around 2700/2500 BC, a third cairn is built.

It prevents access to the dolmen of the second, but in this extension are created two new rooms in semi-megalithic structure.

In addition to the archaeologists, the site has inspired artists.

Notably, in 1879, Leon Gaucherel (1816-1886) presented a lithograph titled Le Petit Mont Port Navalo.

We see the monument that rises above the tip of Petit Mont.

Opening times: February 7 to March 8, from 1 April to 30 June, from September 1 to 30, from 17 October to 1 November: open every day from 14h to 18h30, except Wednesdays.

From July 1 to August 31: open daily from 11am to 18:30.


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